New Portfolio Website

I am pleased to announce the launch of my first portfolio website in years. The featured projects are mostly custom self-hosted WordPress sites. Check it out when you can:



Sedona Mountain Biking

When I moved to Prescott, AZ in the summer of 1999, I had distant dreams of racing mountain bikes. Disc Golf took over instead.

Arizona is full of single track and lots of locals associate Sedona with great mountain biking. I’m not sure why it took fifteen years, but I finally packed up the 29er, got last minute advice and directions from Lucky, and found myself on the Aerie trail in 65 degree weather in late January.

The trail was lots of fun right off the bat with mini rolling rhythm sections and fun features. This natural stone berm was one of the coolest features of the trail. Thanks Aerie – I’ll be back.

Technical challenge day

On my way to shop for a new laptop, I decided to go for a quick hike up a small mountain. The weather was unseasonably warm for January and I needed some exercise. I snapped a shot of the mountains on my somewhat outdated phone and uploaded it to Facebook. I slipped my phone into my back pocket while thinking that I should probably put it in a safer place for the descent.

On the way down, I slipped on a mini-glacier and landed on my ass & phone. All seemed fine until I tried to turn it on. The screen was black. The volume buttons worked and there was sound. I rebooted but still no screen. The phone tech confirmed that it was a goner. New phone (and bill) here I come. Ouch.